The Green Mama

Web Design + WordPress Development

Manda Aufochs Gillespie— aka. The Green Mama—is a successful author and enviro-blogger. In her 20 years in the field she has greened one of North America’s only urban ecovillages, one of Chicago’s largest daycares, a multi-million dollar residential project, a Guatemalan orphanage, and has been dubbed the “green guru” by the media, appearing on HBO, ABC, and CBC.

She presented us with the challenge of transitioning over six years worth of content from her old Drupal-based blog into a new, flexible website based on WordPress, which would allow her to expand her content offering, engage her audience, and better monetize her content. We worked with Manda to understand how her users engaged with her content, and how we could help them more easily discover, consume, and share it.

The result is a highly-customized WordPress-based publishing solution that allows Manda—along with a team of other contributors—to create, publish, and manage a variety of differentiated content types spanning the gamut from blog posts to structured reviews to revenue-generating affiliate and paid premium content.